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Informazioni su Jaulleixe

cyberactivism, ecology, nature, art, music, trashware, vegetarianism, veganism, feminism, GIS, psichology, sociology, theology, wildness, trekking, woods, gender studies, fair trade, informatics, homemaking, raw food, retrocomputing, doodling, guerrilla gardening, modding... "Those who claim to care about the well-being of human beings and the preservation of our environment should become vegetarians for that reason alone. They would thereby increase the amount of grain available to feed people elsewhere, reduce pollution, save water and energy, and cease contributing to the clearing of forests. When nonvegetarians say that 'human problems come first' I cannot help wondering what exactly it is that they are doing for human beings that compels them to continue to support the wasteful, ruthless exploitation of farm animals." - Peter Singer, on "Animal Liberation"
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